3 Effective New Marketing Strategies That Rely on Pocketmedia

By 02/01/2016 March 15th, 2016 Uncategorized

Whether your business has thousands of employees and multiple locations throughout the country or even the world, or you’re running a one-person business out of your home, you’ll always need to find innovative, effective ways of marketing that set you apart from the competition. Pocketmedia — miniature brochures that fold down to the size of a business card — are one of the best ways to connect with the people in your industry.

The Visual Aid Sales Pitch

Professional tri-fold brochure printing allows you to have a visual aid on hand virtually anywhere – especially if they’re the small pocketmedia design. Instead of referring people to your company’s website, pull these business card-size brochures out of your pocket and point out all the information they need to know. The brochures also include glossy, high resolution images so you can show potential clients, colleagues and investors the best products and services your company has to offer.

The Highlight of the Room

Your salespeople are often not the only people in the room trying to sell. You might even have competitors in the same industry nearby. A Z-Card pocketmedia brochure stands out from the crowd. As your salespeople unfold them, other people nearby will want to examine them based on the novelty alone. You can even select a custom shape to make the media stand out even more.

The Marketing Tool Does the Work Itself

Your potential clients and investors are far more likely to share your pocketmedia with other interested parties simply because they’re so different and memorable. Pass out a lot of these cards for people to take home, and the brochures will continue to market your company.

Talk to a Z-Card representative to discuss the best type of pocketmedia for your needs. The Z-Card, the C-Fold and the K-Fold each allow for a different amount of information and fold in different ways — but they all manage to grab everyone’s attention. We also offer product enhancements such as card holders and luxury finishes that come together to form a pocketmedia brochure unlike any other.