Check in Guides Inform Guests at Ski and Beach Resorts

By 03/25/2019 Uncategorized

Breckenridge CO Gold Point Resort and The Halekulani hotel on Waikiki Beach are far apart Geographically but similar in that they both use Z-CARD® Check in guides to inform their guests upon arrival.

Why do these Properties use Check in guides for their key packets?

The mapping – Check in guide pocket map is a fully folding poster joining 36 small book pages or individual screen spaces into a complete map display. This makes the pocket map easy to use, open and fold.

The sleeve and cover – Z-CARD® pocket maps are bound between two hard covers. One cover is a secure room key sleeve. All together this creates a small hardcover book. People never throw away books. They are valuable.

The revenue potential – These properties can cross sell amenities and generate more revenue by getting the information in the guests hand in a way they will happily hold onto and keep

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