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Create Your Z-CARD Pocket Media for Any Industry

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pocket mediaThere’s no doubt that having a custom Z-CARD Pocket Media card for your business or service will make them stand out among others.  Getting yourself known with a unique Z-CARD, C-Fold or K-Fold Pocket Media card can make all the difference.  We guarantee that no one will be throwing your card out in the garbage!  Find inspiration with simple ideas and let us execute it for you.  No matter what industry you are in, our experienced and talented graphic designers will make sure your campaign media will reach above and beyond your target audience.  Local, national or international campaign, we provide various clients with custom Z-CARDs to bring their ideas to life.

We work will all industry sectors such as Government and Associations as well as top companies such as American Express, Coca Cola, and Macy’s meeting their exact standards of quality, timing and communication.  To name a few, here are some of the industries we work in:


  • Education
  • Food & Beverage
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Industrial Products
  • Sports
  • Transit

We’d be excited to work with your campaign and reach the largest amount of people.  Browse around different pocket media card options and find the one that best suits your needs.  Visit our site at and get started with your design.

Build Your Brand this New Year with Z-CARD

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Hard to believe it, but 2015 is almost over!  Soon enough we will be ringing in 2016.  With every New Year come new goals, achievements, careers and much more.  If you are thinking about starting your own business or making a name for yourself in a new industry, start your new adventure off with a custom Z-Card.  Here are some reasons why to choose a Z-Card:

  • Unique Folding Card Formats – You can choose from three different unique folding cards. There is The Original Z-Card, C-Fold which is a single accordion fold and the K-Fold card which has the double accordion.
  • Build Your Brand – For over 20 years, Z-CARD has been making PocketMedia for clients’ brand messaging and customer engagement programs. Our PocketMedia Specialists design map guides, event schedules, product catalogs, internal communications, and Direct mail marketing.
  • Work with our experienced Graphic Designers – No matter if it’s just the finishing touches or a start-to-finish design, our in-house team of experienced and creative graphic designers will work with you to turn your idea into a reality.

Treat yourself and brand your business in the New Year with z card printing.  Give us a call and talk with one of our sales team members for more information on all of our products and start designing your custom Z-Card!  Visit us today at

Helpful Tips When Traveling During the Winter

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During the Holidays season, many families are traveling throughout the country to visit loved ones to spend time with.  No matter if you are traveling by car, train or automobile, there are many things to do to make sure you and your family have a safe and enjoyable trip.

  • Make sure your vehicle is properly maintained – It’s a good idea to have your car and tires inspected before you take a long drive. In case of an accident or breakdown, make sure you have roadside assistance contact information on hand.
  • Map your traveling route in advance so that you are fully prepared for busy roads during this time of year. If possible, consider leaving early or later for your trip to avoid heavy holiday traffic.  It is a good idea to keep a few pocket maps in your vehicle at all times.
  • In the case of an emergency, keep a cell phone charger with you at all times. Make sure your cell phone is fully charged when you are traveling and to never text and drive.  We want everyone on the road to have a safe trip.

Traveling during the winter season can be less stressful if you take the necessary tips before and during your travels.  At Z-CARD we design custom pocket maps and brochures.  Looking to design a custom one?  Contact us at today!