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We are able to offer an almost unlimited selection of compact folding products.

Infinity Fold

The Infinity Fold is a fun and interactive format for communicating your key messages and engaging your target audience.

It is a unique, playful product, with multiple ways of folding and unfolding the card to reveal different messages. Customers will not want to put it down!

The Infinity Fold can also feature an integrated bottle hanger element, enabling you to distribute your message directly on product.


The most impactful of our products and favoured by high end brands, the Starburst is an ingenious, interactive format. The pop-up effect will capture your customers’ attention, increase brand recognition and provide a product with a high perceived value.

It has many obvious mapping applications and is also a great tool for product launches. The format is available in a range of sizes and finishes, with extended cover and card holder options, all with high impact, pop-up inserts.


Revealers are perfect for communicating a simple message in a captivating format which customers enjoy playing with. This range of formats is guaranteed to attract your customers’ attention and make sure that your message stands out from the rest.

All formats have an exclusive look and are something that your customers are going to want to keep and show to others. Simply pull the tab to reveal a specific message.

Magnetic Z-CARD®

The Magnet Z-CARD® is an innovative and functional format for communicating your key messages and engaging your target audience. Adding a new element to our signature Z-Products range, the magnetised feature allows you to stick your marketing message in a prominent position such as the fridge or washing machine.

Customers are guaranteed to keep you front of mind!


Our unique Z-CARD® mailing options are the ideal way to deliver your message directly into the hands of your clients. More eye-catching & memorable than a traditional letter, the Z-Mail products come in a variety of different formats:

Z-Postcard – Immediately grabbing attention, the Z-Postcard comes with an optional tear-off response mechanism.

Z-Mailer – A more traditional mailing piece, the Z-CARD® Direct Mailer combines the award winning Z-CARD® product range with traditional mailing elements such as covering letters and envelopes.

Z-Mail – The Z-Mail format is an innovative mail piece with an integrated reply method with tear-off envelope, to increase response rates and user engagement levels.