Why Over 100 Colleges And Universities Choose Z-CARD ® For Their Pocket Maps

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1Have you ever had to visit a college campus with a teenager? The thought of breaking out an over-sized folding map and looking for directions to the science building or hockey rink can easily lead any self respecting teen to instant mortification and meltdown! Despite all of the digital options available these days, if you want a good pocket map of a college campus, your best bet for durability and “ease of use” is a Z-CARD ® pocket map. Read More

The Importance of Branding and Portable Marketing Using Pocket Media Printing Services

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pocket media printingBranding has always been extremely important when it comes to marketing any business, no matter how large or how small it may be. An effective brand allows a company to stand out in competitive markets, allows them to make a promise to their customer base, and differentiates your message and objective from every other business in the market sector.

Your brand strategy will tell your customers how and when you plan on delivering or communicating your messages. Also offering consistent branding messages will always lead to a strong brand image. But there is more to it than just defining your brand, as you have to market it to the masses using distribution channels that are both visual and verbal.

One way of getting your message out there visually is through the products of pocket media printing services which include: brochures, business cards, and Z-Cards.

What Z-Card Offers: Cards, Distribution, and Innovation

Z-Cards helps companies who want a unique marketing outlet for their brands, by designing them Z-Cards that condense their brand information down into a pocket sized travelling insert. These inserts deliver impact, have a long shelf life, and are cost-effective! Here are the benefits for Z-Cards:

  • Made out of recycled materials
  • Cost-effective
  • Digitally printed
  • Stopping power — people want to play with them and read them
  • Customizable options like pockets, foils, and embossing
  • Optional closure mechanics or do overwrapping
  • Orders from 100 to 5,000,000+

Z-cards are perfect for companies who do tours is that they come highly customizable, and come in five standard sizes with an option for four to 12 rows of panels. This way you can make it as portable as you need it to be while still fitting on a large amount of information.

To order your custom North America Z Card pocket media, call us at 212-797-3450!


Choosing Z Card Pocket Media for Your Brochure Advertising

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pocket mediaZ Card Pocket Media focuses on getting your brand into the hands of your customers by utilizing their patent protected products that deliver high quality content in the form of Z-Cards, brochures, distribution boxes, direct mail solutions, and Lucite displays. Z-Card has created over 2.2 billion cards globally, and prides itself on producing their products in Canada and the United States.

Why Choose Tri-Fold Brochures?

Z-Card has paired up with hotels to create customizable pocket media that turn into tri-fold brochures. Not only is this great for guest communications, but the hotels can use these for property maps, amenity guides, or attractions that are near or on the hotel property. These types of tri-fold brochure printing can be used to keep guests on the property, or help inform guests of services they would otherwise miss. Plus, pocket media has Lucite displays that fits these types of advertising pieces so that they can be neatly displayed anywhere in the hotel.

In addition to having the displays set out at the receptionist desk or by the pool, Z-Card also creates tri-fold brochure printing options for bottles. These slip on over the bottle top and create a great way to send information up to a guest when they order room service. Plus, tri-fold brochures are cost effective, are easy to hand out, don’t take up a lot of counter space and are super easy to display! All brochures that are created by Z-Card for hotels are always of high-quality, are always engaging, and can be customized to great length.

Here are the customization options:

  • Multiple colors or color schemes
  • Various fonts and sizes
  • What appears on what pages and how many pages you want
  • Overall size of the brochure
  • Different ink types that you can choose from
  • Many graphics that will always be crisp and clear

Tri-fold brochures are great for hotels that want to display a lot of information in a professional format that is easy to read and is easily accessible.

To order your custom North America Z Card pocket media, call us at 212-797-3450!