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Safe Campus Pocket Guide for Eastern Michigan University

By 04/27/2020Uncategorized

When EMU campus needs Safety and Emergency information without any complications, Z-CARD® Pocket Guide fits their need.

Why does a Safe Campus guide make sense for EMU and it’s community?

  • Simplicity – This intel doesn’t require a smart phone or an app download. It’s grab and go information and essential content for visitors of any campus in this pandemic age.
  • It’s big – Campus map guide and safety resources are full size and easy to read. No scrolling or drop down menus.
  • Layout is modular in nature – Subjects can be detailed in chunky quick reference form.
  • People keep them. – Z-CARDS® are kept and read by those who have them.

As a new school year approaches with lots of changes, EMU and many schools will be challenged to communicate flawlessly to many different people. A safe campus card guide Z-CARD® is a strong part of the mix.

Good luck and go Eagles!

For more information, please get in touch!